Sunday, December 11, 2005

A clue for former Secretary of State Madeline Albright

Former Secretary of State Madeline Albright was a guest this morning, along with Senator Lindsey Graham, on Meet the Press with Tim Russert (video, transcript).

During the course of the interview, Senator-'Let the President continue being a punching bag'-Graham wrongly advocated that the latest video, "Retreat and Defeat", from the Republican National Committee, be pulled.

(BTW, the airing of the video on both Meet the Press and This Week with George Stephanopoulos was convieniently edited to just show Howard Dean's, "The idea that we’re going to win this war is an idea that unfortunately is just plain wrong" comment. Both shows left out the sections showing Senators Barbara Boxer and John Kerry and their recent statements.)

Ms. Albright said the following as a follow-up to Senator Graham's comments:

MS. ALBRIGHT: Tim, there is not one Democrat who wants us to fail in Iraq. There's not one Democrat that doesn't want our troops to come home safely, or wants our homeland to be properly protected or let Iraq develop a democracy and operate within the region. And I have to tell you, to be maligned as not patriotic, or undercutting the effort, I think is unacceptable. And I very much appreciate what Senator Graham has said in terms of getting this ad off. It doesn't help anything. And I do agree with him that it is very important for the American people and for the Iraqis to be able to see some consensus in the United States about what we care about.
Oh really?!?...Ms. Albright is too cute by half as she wallows seemingly clueless for the cameras in her self-imposed ignorance of her fellow Democrats.

Here's Porkopolis' quick case for why some Democrats rightfully deserve shame; at a minimum.

On April 14th, 2004 Michael Moore wrote the following on his web site:

The Iraqis who have risen up against the occupation are not "insurgents" or "terrorists" or "The Enemy." They are the REVOLUTION, the Minutemen, and their numbers will grow -- and they will win. Get it, Mr. Bush?

A statement that Moore keeps on his web site to this very day.

Roughly two months later, On June 23, 2004, several leading Democrats attended the opening of Michael Moore's 'Fahrenheit 9/11' in Washington, D.C. They included then Democratic National Committee chairman Terry McAuliffe, Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle and Senators Barbara Boxer and Tom Harkin; all major Democrats.

Tom Harkin was quoted as saying that Fahrenheit 9/11 was an "unvarnished presentation" of facts surrounding the worst terror attack ever on U.S. soil.

The early support these A-list Democrats showed for Moore and his propaganda helped him build a head of steam and "buzz" and laid the foundation for the media's anti-war echo chamber.

Moore was also embraced by Democratic Presidential Candidtate Wesley Clark and eventually invited to sit in former President Carter's box during the Democratic Convention.

This is an order of magnitude above 'guilt by association'. It's 'guilt by invitation' of an individual that advocated the defeat of our soldiers by our enemies. Democrats that embraced Michael Moore knew of his views and made a political calculation to bask in his aura.

Here's another data point to consider as one reflects on the political calculations A-list Democrats make; the kind that Ms. Albright is so quick to claim her fellow Democrats don't participate in.

Senator Barack Obama made a statement last week that gives insight into the calculus of the many Democrats engage in:

"It is arguable that the best politics going into '06 would be a clear succinct message: `Let's bring our troops home,'" Obama said. "It's certainly easier to communicate and I think would probably have some pretty strong resonance with the American people right now, but whether that's the best policy right now, I don't feel comfortable saying it is."

Let's see...'bring our troops home' as in what Congresswoman Pelosi and Congressman Murtha have been calling for?

By what reasoning would Albright see the policy that Pelosi and Murtha are now advocating as one that would lead to success in Iraq; success being the antonym to failure?

Remember that Ms. Albright claims,

...there is not one Democrat who wants us to fail in Iraq.
As the former chief diplomat, Albright is very familiar with our official U.S. policy statement on the Iraq War drawn up by both the Congress and the President: The Joint Resolution to Authorize the Use of United States Armed Forces Against Iraq. Among the many goals and reasons agreed to for going to war were the following:

  • Whereas the Iraq Liberation Act (Public Law 105-338) expressed the sense of Congress that it should be the policy of the United States to support efforts to remove from power the current Iraqi regime and promote the emergence of a democratic government to replace that regime;
  • Whereas the United States is determined to prosecute the war on terrorism and Iraq's ongoing support for international terrorist groups combined with its development of weapons of mass destruction in direct violation of its obligations under the 1991 cease-fire and other United Nations Security Council resolutions make clear that it is in the national security interests of the United States and in furtherance of the war on terrorism that all relevant United Nations Security Council resolutions be enforced, including through the use of force if necessary;
  • Whereas Congress has taken steps to pursue vigorously the war on terrorism through the provision of authorities and funding requested by the President to take the necessary actions against international terrorists and terrorist organizations, including those nations, organizations or persons who planned, authorized, committed or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001 or harbored such persons or organizations;
  • Whereas the President and Congress are determined to continue to take all appropriate actions against international terrorists and terrorist organizations, including those nations, organizations or persons who planned, authorized, committed or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001, or harbored such persons or organizations;
  • Whereas the President has authority under the Constitution to take action in order to deter and prevent acts of international terrorism against the United States, as Congress recognized in the joint resolution on Authorization for Use of Military Force (Public Law 107-40); and
  • Whereas it is in the national security of the United States to restore international peace and security to the Persian Gulf region;
Democrats that promote a policy that pulls out the troops without completing the stated and agreed to mission are in effect advocating the we leave before success has been accomplished. Senator Liberman has been a strong exception to this idiocy.

Pelosi and Murtha are not advocating a policy for success. In fact their policy is one that will lead to 'non-success', failure. And Ms. Albright 'oh so convienently' turns a blind eye to their like.


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