Thursday, April 07, 2005

2005 Congressional Pig Book

Several posts ago Porkopolis noted that it was anxiously awaiting this year's publication of the Congressional Pig Book put out by Citizens Against Government Waste. The wait is over. The new Pig Book is out and it's chock-full of waste.

If the Pig Book "Oinkers" of 2005 weren't so bleak at documenting waste, it would have a chance at being funny.

This link provides a searchable database of 13,997 pork projects. When you total up Ohio's share of appropriations it amounts to $360,316,750. The abbreviations are explained in a legend. Pay close attention to those noted as NBR,C; No Budget Request, added in Conference.

(Note: Some of the Fiscal Years show up as 95...this just maybe a typographical error. I've e-mailed CAGW for a clarification on this.)


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