Thursday, March 24, 2016

Joe Scarborough, Mika Brezinski, Camille Paglia, et al. are making sanctimonious, specious and hyperbolic arguments against Ted Cruz's anti-terrorism policy prescription

In response to the Brussels terrorism attacks, Senator Ted Cruz made the following anti-terrorism policy recommendation:
(CNN) Ted Cruz on Tuesday called for law enforcement to step up their policing of Muslim neighborhoods in the U.S. in the wake of terrorist attacks in Brussels, comparing it to police boosting their presence in areas with known gang activity. 
"If you have a neighborhood where there's a high level of gang activity, the way to prevent it is you increase the law enforcement presence there and you target the gang members to get them off the streets," the Texas senator told CNN's Anderson Cooper. "I'm talking about any area where there is a higher incidence of radical Islamic terrorism."...
The sanctimonious, specious, and hyperbolic arguments against Cruz's escalation have been quick to follow from the likes of Joe Scarborough, Mika Brezinski (video starting at 5:50 time mark), Camille Paglia and many others.

In a classic tu quoque moment, New York City's police commissioner, William J. Bratton, head of an organization that has been criticized by the ACLU for its Muslim Surveillance Program, criticized the senator's recommendation.  Can you say chutzpah?

Much of the criticism comes across as virtue signaling to an informed citizen.

The FBI's own historical record is replete with targeted enforcement actions against:

Cruz's recommendation is a reasoned extension of the targeted efforts against the criminal dynamic identified as Islamic Radicalization by the FBI.  

So when someone hyperbolically asserts rhetorical questions like:
...What exactly are the telltale signs of creeping radicalization that roving patrol cars would be able to spot—an uptick in Bedouin garb and the waving of scimitars in the street, as in a Rudolph Valentino movie? And how would American police “secure” any neighborhood without violating basic constitutional rights?...
 à la Camille Paglia, the response is that we can walk a path that protects constitutional rights at the same time we chew up the terrorism that seeks to destroy our way of life.  

In fact, the FBI is already tracking 900 'homegrown' ISIS cases in all 50 States and these are the areas Senator Cruz is recommending "you increase the law enforcement presence" against.

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