Saturday, July 20, 2013

Detroit's Bankruptcy: Re-post of 'A Strait of our Tomorrow?'

Re-post of  the December 22, 2009 post 'A Strait of our Tomorrow?' in light of Detroit filing for bankruptcy:

In French, the word détroit translates to strait in English. Détroit was used to describe the geography of a navigation passage between Lakes Huron and Erie. Eventually, Detroit was used for the name of the city founded on the banks of the Detroit River.

Looking at the following report from Steve Crowder will leave you wondering if the City of Detroit is a strait to our country's tomorrow.

Related: From the Detroit Free Press: Driving Detroit: 1 City. 2,100 streets. 2,700 miles. What we saw. The videos, pictures and stories reinforce Steve Crowder's findings as does this excellent map highlighting areas that are 'Well-maintained', 'New construction', 'Mixed', 'Much abandonment' and 'Prairie'.


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