Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Who's minding the store?: 23,994 Refunds Totaling $46,378,040 Issued to One Address

Next time you see a Senator or Congressman at a town-hall try to make the case for raising taxes point them to this IRS Inspector General report and have them justify this waste (page 18):
  • Address: #1 Address Located in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Total Number of Tax Refund Issued: 23,994
  • Total Tax Refund Amount: $46,378,040
From the summary on page 1:
...The complaints alleged that IRS management is not  concerned with addressing questionable applications and is interested only in the volume of applications that can be processed, regardless of whether they are fraudulent.

The audit found that the ITIN application review  and verification process is so deficient that there is no assurance that ITINs are not being assigned to individuals submitting questionable applications.  Because of lax documentation requirements to obtain an ITIN, tax fraud can go  undetected.  Management also eliminated successful processes used to identify questionable ITIN application fraud patterns and schemes...


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