Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Senator Sherod Brown is an idiot...

...for seeking to change the 1st Amendment with his co-sponsorship of S.J.RES.29 -- Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States relating to contributions and expenditures intended to affect elections:

Section 1. Congress shall have power to regulate the raising and spending of
money and in kind equivalents with respect to Federal elections, including
through setting limits on--
(1) the amount of contributions to candidates for nomination for election to, or for election to, Federal office; and
(2) the amount of expenditures that may be made by, in support of, or in opposition
to such candidates.
Mr. Brown needs to look no further than the most recent gubernatorial election in New Jersey for evidence that money does not necessarily determine the outcome of an election (for your 411 Senator...Corzine lost):

Corzine outspending Christie nearly 3-1, most of it from his own fortune

Gov. Jon Corzine has raised $24.1 million and spent $23.6 million
on the general election campaign so far, according to 11-day pre-election
reports filed with the Election Law Enforcement Commission.

Of Corzine's total raised, $22.6 million is from his own pocket.

Republican gubernatorial Christopher Christie has maxed out on matching funds, raising a
total of $11.7 million and spending $8.8 million, while independent Christopher
Daggett has raised $1.3 million and spent $1.2 million.

Christie has the most cash on hand, at $3.6 million. That sum will not grow,
however, since Christie is bound by a cap on campaign funds that Corzine, who
does not participate in the public financing program, is not. Daggett has
$292,495 on hand and Corzine has $412,410...



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