Monday, December 24, 2007

Atheists Must Be Careful not to Throw Out the Baby Christ with the Bath Water

Today's Washington Times quotes Reason Magazine editor Nick Gillespie on atheism as the "topic du juor":
..."The rise of militant Islam revived questions as to where does faith lead people?" Mr. Gillespie said. "It all proceeds from September 11, which in many profound ways was a religious act."

Plus, he added, the current administration has given religion-friendly policies a bad name.

"To the extent that this administration has been seen as a complete failure," he said, "on the right, you'll see a reach for a new kind of conservatism. It will have more in common with atheism that says religion should not be part of politics."
Our country will be served well by public policies that are logic-based and areligious. However, atheist would serve themselves well by acknowledging that religion, as a cultural and self-governing philosophy, has had its merits throughout human history. Like most things that are man-made, it's a two-edged sword.

Religion is part of our Evolutionary success up to this point, and as such merits an open-minded approach to its role in our society. It is appropriate that atheists like David Sloan Wilson call out their fellow atheists and remind them that a holistic analysis of the human condition is in the true 'spirit' of the Scientific Method.

One doesn't have to believe the mythology of the virgin birth, walking on water and the holy trinity to know that a Nazerene's philosophy to follow the Golden Rule has merit; both philosophically and scientifically.

To all that are guided by Jesus of Nazarus' message to 'love thy neighbor as thyself'...Merry Christmas.

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