Monday, December 24, 2007

Phil Heimlich will be taking on Jean Schmidt in the 2nd District and her pork spending ways

Via Redstate:
Today, I am filing petitions for my candidacy in Ohio's 2nd Congressional District. I have been campaigning for the seat since May, and am seeking the Republican nomination for the seat...

...You also deserve a representative who will be a good steward of your tax dollars. The Cincinnati Enquirer reported recently that Jean Schmidt has become the biggest pork spender in the tri-state congressional delegation. As The Enquirer noted in October, Rep. Schmidt inserted $14.5 million in pork spending in the latest budget — more than any local Ohio, Kentucky or Indiana member of Congress of either party. Among the items Rep. Schmidt has supported through her votes for pork spending are:

* $300 million for sand to replenish beaches in California and New Jersey.
* $75 million for oyster restoration in New York, Maryland, Virginia and Connecticut.
* $229,000 for dairy education in Iowa.
* $180,000 for “hydroponic tomato production.”
* A $500,000 swimming pool in California.
* A million dollars for a “Mystic Aquarium” in Connecticut.

Our neighboring Representative Steve Chabot voted against each of these — just as I would have.

The GOP must recommit itself to being the party of good stewardship with regard to your tax dollars. Our party is yearning for a return to the principles established by Abraham Lincoln, the leadership and dignity demonstrated by Ronald Reagan, and the common sense conservative values shared by all Republicans...



Blogger Ben said...

I am tired other Republicans running against Schmidt. Enough is enough. Eventually it is going to come back to burn Republicans when a Democrat wins the seat.

December 26, 2007 at 4:52 PM  

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