Monday, July 09, 2007

Must See TV: Melanie Phillips on Journal Editorial Report

This weekends Journal Editorial Report of Fox News interviewed 'Londonistan' author Melanie Phillips in the wake of the terrorist attacks in London and Glasgow in Great Britain.

The video recording of the interview is great journalism. The WSJ has also made the transcript available. Some of Ms. Phillips excellent insight and analysis are highligted below (emphasis added):
...Gigot: Does it surprise you at all that a couple of the plotters were involved with the National Health Service? And what impact is that having on the British public?

Phillips: Yes. Well, a number of the suspects have been involved with the National Health Service. We don't yet know whether they are actually the plotters. There are something like seven doctors who have been arrested and are being interviewed and others who have connections also with our health service.

We don't know whether the health service was particularly targeted, was a kind of useful umbrella group to bring together these jihadis, whether the health service is particularly vulnerable to foreign doctors without proper checks. And this is a matter of great and growing concern that maybe our checks--undoubtedly our checks in the health service have been far too lax, as indeed are immigration controls generally far too lax.

But I think what has also struck me is the shock that people have had that doctors, who are in the business of curing people, can be in the business of killing people. And personally I think this is very naive.

We have forgotten, for example, that the Nazis had doctors who were involved--Dr. Mengele--in the most terrible experiments on people, mass killing programs. We've also forgotten the al Qaeda No. 2, Ayman Zawahiri, is a doctor, and many jihadists actually have been and are doctors.

If you are brainwashed by a fanatical religious cult, which is what we're up against, into the belief that for various reasons certain people are subhuman, not properly human, then even though you're a doctor trained to cure human beings of suffering, if you don't see certain people as human, then you kill them. And that's what we don't really understand in Britain. We haven't really got our heads round the fact that what we're all up against, in Britain and America and the free world in general, is religious fanaticism, which really makes no allowance for intelligence or whether someone is a member of a caring profession...
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