Monday, July 09, 2007

Congnitive Dissonance at the New York Times

Tom Donnelly of the Weekly Standared analyzes and juxtaposes The New York Times' John Burns reporting of a success in Iraq with the editorial board's call for withdrawl. (HT: Wizbang)

Jules Crittenden weighs in as well noting that the Times' recommendation is a prescription for genocide. (HT: Wizbang)

All this prompted some more insight into the editorial board's mental gynmastics from Don Surber:
...This is madness. It is lunacy to suggest that UN peacekeepers drawn randomly from other countries and thrown into the maelstrom with no leadership skills or experience will do a better job than 150,000 professional soldiers with 4 years experience in Iraq.

Africa burns while UN blue helmets look askance and indulge themselves in child porn and petty theft. That is the Times prescription for Iraq.

The chaos would result in zero civil liberties for 25 million Iraqis. The Times clamored for extraconstitutional rights for 500 or so jihadists at Gitmo -- men captured on the battlefield. Now the Times is willing to forfeit any civil justice system at all in Iraq...


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