Friday, June 15, 2007

Senator Trent Lott...Oracle of Political Ruination

Via Instapundit:
TRENT LOTT LASHES OUT AT TALK RADIO: Mickey Kaus notes the irony. Lott's a pretty good indicator of what's wrong with the GOP at any given moment.

UPDATE: No, really. A year ago, Trent Lott was saying he was "damn tired" of PorkBusters, and now the GOP is all about fighting the pork. Difference? They lost an election by listening to him. Now what will they be saying after the next election? Because if they listen to Lott, a textbook example of what's wrong with the GOP on Capitol Hill, they'll lose that one, too.


MARK STEYN ON TRENT LOTT: "I have no serious expectations of Senators these days, but I would like them at the very least to try and sound a little less like the plump complacent emirs of the one-party-state of Incumbistan. Trent Lott fails even that test." Indeed.
Update: Lott as Poster Boy:

Update: Bearish voters get Senate's goat


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