Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Boehner: House Republicans Declare War on Secret Earmarks & Wasteful Spending

Following up on his declaration of war against secret Earmarks & wasteful Spending, Congressman John Boehner held a conference call with several Ohio Bloggers to emphasize the predominate tactic of the initiative:
...Republicans are declaring war on secret earmarks and wasteful spending, and will fight at every opportunity to force the majority to restore the reforms we enacted last year – the first of their kind – that injected real transparency and real accountability into the budget process. These reforms required public disclosure of all earmarks and their sponsors contained in any bill, making the earmark process more open and transparent to taxpayers. They allowed lawmakers, for the first time ever, to challenge individual taxpayer-funded earmarks.

Americans expect and deserve that kind of transparency and accountability from Congress. Democrats flatly refuse to allow the House to actually debate or vote to remove wasteful earmarks. Republicans will use every tool at our disposal to force the majority to re-adopt our rules and keep their promises to voters...
Let's hope that this principled stance is consistently applied even when the Republicans re-take the house.


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