Sunday, February 04, 2007

Global Warming Consensus, Schmensus: A must read ten part series in the Canadian National Post

The Canadian National Post has an excellent ten part series, The Deniers (HT: Drudge Report)(should have been called 'The Skeptics'), which expands on many of the observations presented here (see 'Related' below).

In the introduction to the series, The real deal? , a former man-made global warming proponent (Astrophysicist Nir Shariv) describes his current thinking:
..."Like many others, I was personally sure that CO2 is the bad culprit in the story of global warming. But after carefully digging into the evidence, I realized that things are far more complicated than the story sold to us by many climate scientists or the stories regurgitated by the media.

"In fact, there is much more than meets the eye."

Dr. Shariv's digging led him to the surprising discovery that there is no concrete evidence -- only speculation -- that man-made greenhouse gases cause global warming. Even research from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change-- the United Nations agency that heads the worldwide effort to combat global warming -- is bereft of anything here inspiring confidence. In fact, according to the IPCC's own findings, man's role is so uncertain that there is a strong possibility that we have been cooling, not warming, the Earth. Unfortunately, our tools are too crude to reveal what man's effect has been in the past, let alone predict how much warming or cooling we might cause in the future...
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