Saturday, February 03, 2007

More Global Warming Consensus, Schmensus

Via Fox News' Political Grapevine:
Not All Scientists Are Buying What the U.N. Is Selling on Global Warming

Some scientists say the summary of the U.N. climate change report we told you about earlier distorts the actual scientific findings — because of a political agenda. Cybercast News Service cites MIT professor Richard Lindzen — who worked on the last U.N. climate report — as saying the summary is primarily the work of political appointees — not scientists.

Harvard University physicist Lubos Motl says that if an error is found in the summary — the technical report will be "adjusted" for consistency — a practice he calls "scientific misconduct."

And Scientist Christopher Landsea of the National Hurricane Center says he resigned from the U.N. panel because its statements to the media were "far outside current scientific understandings."


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