Friday, October 06, 2006

Must See TV!: C-SPAN Washington Journal hosts David Frum and Richard Viguerie

Where else are you going to get insight and analysis like the following in response to a caller arguing that the United States went into Iraq for the oil (at approximately 01:45:14 into the archived video):
Caller from Austin: ...It's not Weapons of Mass Destruction...please....the idea was to go into a weak, oil rich country...militarily weak, oil rich country...and Iraq was a perfect example. Then the plan was that we were going to privatize the oil...

David From's response: If the United States wanted to invade a miltarily weak, oil rich country the United States would have been well advised to invade Canada...its closer...roads are better...lot of military to speak of at all...
David From's section starts at approximately 1 hour into the video; Richard Viguerie, author of “Conservatives Betrayed” starts 2 hours into the video.

Both guests are excellent. Nothing else on TV covering politics comes even close to coverage like this.


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