Friday, August 11, 2006

New Ohio Voter Registration Rules...file this under 'Timing is Everything'

This Sunday's New York Times had the angst-full article entitled 'New Registration Rules Stir Voter Debate in Ohio' on the new law that's been put into effect to stop the false registrations of individuals like 'Jive Turkey':
...Backers of the new regulations say they were needed, pointing to the fake names that appeared on voter registration cards in 2004, like Jive Turkey Sr...

Let's see if the New York Times does a follow-up to the article covering this recent development. '500 new voters might not exist - State activists might be charged over questionable registrations' (emphasis added):
Friday, August 11, 2006

Robert Vitale and Mark Niquette

Workers paid by a liberal group to register voters in Franklin County have turned in more than 500 forms with nonexistent addresses and potentially fake signatures, elections officials said yesterday.

Board of Elections Director Matthew Damschroder said he has forwarded the cards to county authorities for possible criminal charges.

Elections workers verifying new-voter forms discovered signatures with the same handwriting, addresses that were for vacant lots and incorrect information for voters who already were registered, Damschroder said. One card had the name of an East Side man who’s dead.

All the questionable cards were turned in by workers for Ohio ACORN, a group that’s also paying people to gather signatures for a proposed November ballot initiative to raise the state’s minimum wage.

Katy Gall, the group’s head organizer, said ACORN is cooperating with the investigation and already has fired some of its paid circulators.

"We are interested in seeing people who are gaming the system prosecuted," she said. ...
Hmm...Ohio Acorn...Katy Gall...isn't she the same person quoted in the NYT piece (emphasis added):
“In Washington, D.C., Congress may have passed the voting rights bill to extend voter participation,” said Katy Gall, organizing director of Ohio Acorn, an advocacy group that focuses on poor neighborhoods. “But out here at the grass roots, things are headed in the opposite direction.”

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[Update: BizzyBlog sees a party trend]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm TNP ("Take No Prisoners").

Liberal hypocrisy knows no bounds. Democrats cry election fraud every time they lose, perhaps because they indulge in such illegal tricks themselves and therefore think everybody else does, too. I listened to Cynthia McKinney's pathetic accusations after her opponent clobbered her 59-41%, and I thought what I think whenever I see a limbo contest: how low can they go?

August 11, 2006 at 11:38 PM  

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