Monday, June 05, 2006

Is the Big Easy Ready for the Next Big Storm?

'Storm Cloud over New Orleans' is a special report by the Gulf Coast Reconstruction Watch (emphasis added):

Hurricane season officialy opens June 1, and experts foresee another year of unusually intense storm activity.

Scientist at the University of Colorado are predicting a total of 17 named storms and nine hurricanes, five of them rated at a Category 3 or stronger on the Saffir-Simpson scale of 1 to 5. They calcualte that the probability for at least one major hurricane hitting the Gulf Coast is 47 percent-well above the last century's average 30 percent. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admininstration also expects a very active season, with 13 to 16 name storms, eight to 10 hurricanes, and four to six major hurricanes.

Unfortunately, the protective infrastructure in New Orleans-a city still recovering from the devastation wreaked by last year's Hurricane Katrina-remains unprepared to face another major storm...



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