Thursday, August 04, 2005

More on Hackett's stealth campaign

Eric Minamyer expands on a theme Porkopolis suggested on election night; "Under the radar" Hackett:

Paul Hackett on the Al Frankan show said democrats need to run "under the radar." This was in response to the question whether the DNCC should have helped Hackett sooner.

Hackett indicated that he was happier with the Dem party keeping its distance so he could stay under the radar. His deceitful ("What me a Democrat who opposes the war?) tv ad would not have worked if the voters knew his true stand and party.

Frankan seemed to me to be confused by what Hackett was saying, realized that Hackett ran away from the Dem party, and so Frankan cut Hackett off in midsentence and ended the interview very fast.

Hmmm? I wonder why. So much for the bellwether theory from a special election.
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