Thursday, August 18, 2005

Don't we deserve ethical representatives?

Governor Taft has pleaded no contest to accepting 52 illegal gifts, mostly golf outings, without paying. The Ohio Ethics Law were not voted into effect in a vacum. They came about as a result of abuses like those the Governor participated in; free golf outings allowing the sponsors of the event to have otherwise privileged access to the chief executive of the state. Oh, don't forget, Taft holds a law license.

Does anyone think for a moment that if the Governor was paying for these outings out of his own pocket he would choose to spend his free time with a bunch of lobbyists, or would he much rather spend the time on his own?

Ohioans, and particularly Republicans, who voted for Taft to represent them must ask themselves the following question: "Don't I deserve an ethical representative, be it Governor, Senator, House Representative?"

Try this thought experiment: Make Taft a school board official for a moment with 52 unpaid golf outings. Any hesitation in asking him to resign?

Porkopolis is with BizzyBlog on calling for Bob Taft's resignation.


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