Sunday, February 06, 2005

Charles Murray on C-SPAN2 BookTV

Libertarian Charles Murray is on C-SPAN2 BookTV today and tomorrow. ( The link may be updated with their latest program after 2/7/2005; so check the archive.)

He was called "The Most Dangerous Conservative in America" by the New York Times. Where else can you get a 3 hour in depth conversation with one of our most thoughtful and provocative thinkers of our time. He covers a full range of topics including Social Security and education.

His thoughts on IQ go well beyond the simplistic analysis many have given them. He makes the case that solely measuring a person's IQ falls short of measuring the complete character on an individual; their worth and value to family and community. A fine point you will rarely here in other outlets.

C-SPAN Rocks!

The interview will probably be archived at C-SPAN's In Depth Archive; another public service by the world's best public media outlet.


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