Sunday, April 21, 2013

O! The Hypocrisy: Public Safety Exception for Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect

Porkopolis has documented Obama's hypocrisy in not practicing the public policy he advocates with regard to  Habeas Corpus in the context of terrorism.

This 'do as I say, not as I do' schizophrenia is in full display again with the decision to not alert one of the bombing suspects of his Miranda rights citing a 'public safety exception'.

UpdateDo You Have the Right to Remain Silent? The Obama administration’s radical view of Miranda rights was in place well before Boston by Jeffrey Rosen (emphasis added):
..In fact, the decision shows that the Obama administration has already gone further than George W. Bush's administration in blurring the lines between the criminal and military justice systems. The logic of the administration’s newly minted emergency exception to the Miranda warnings in terrorism cases would allow FBI agents effectively to suspend the Constitution at the Mexican border, where the distinction between organized crime and terrorism is increasingly hard to discern. In fact, the administration’s attempt to redefine what counts as an imminent threat is precisely the same move as it made in its infamous drone memo, which represented a similar extension of elastic Supreme Court standards. The Obama administration’s decision about the Miranda warnings, in other words, is only the tip of the iceberg, and Boston is the place where civil libertarians’ legitimate fears about the militarization of American criminal justice after 9/11 have come home to roost...




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