Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Pork Barrel Politics Kills: Other thoughts from the blogsphere

Along with Porkopolis' posts (Pork Barrel Politics Kill (argues that gas tax dollars shouldn't be directed away from infrastructure), Pork Barrel Politics Kill Redux (looks at Senator McCain's statements)) several others have taken a look at Senator McCain's statment and the relationship between pork barrel politics and infrastructure maintenance:
  • Instapundit:
    ...Actually [Senator McCain] blaming Congress for this [Minneapolis bridge collapse] particular tragedy is a bit hyperbolic. But we have big infrastructure needs, and we're spending money on other stuff -- and members would rather have their name on something shiny and new than on unglamorous repairs. So in terms of distorted priorities, he's got a point...
  • Captain's Quarters:
    ...I fully support his [Senator McCain's] efforts to end earmarks and push towards legislative reform, but let's stick to the real consequences of earmark abuse. Those consequences are bad enough -- elected representatives selling out the American taxpayer to pad their own bank accounts and protect their incumbencies, while dragging more and more of our treasure out of our homes and businesses to fuel their thirst for power.
  • Keith Milby:
    Considering Jack Murtha’s $150 million in pork McCain makes a very good point, that congress certainly could have done a better job with the tax payers money...
  • National Tax Payer's Union:
    Senator John McCain is jumping on Kristina's bandwagon and suggesting that had Congress not wasted transportation money on frivolous earmarks the money could have been used more responsibly...
  • HolyCoast:
    While I admire his willingness to point fingers at his free-spending colleagues, it was not a lack of money that brought the bridge down, but a lack of priority. The bridge had been recently inspected and Minnesota's share of transportation funding had gone up significantly in recent years. The money was there, it's just that the people in charge of it had other priorities (as pointed out here)..

    And why are all the fingers pointed toward the Federal government? This bridge was under the control of state and local agencies and it should have been their priority to keep it standing. Since Katrina every disaster is now assumed to have Federal responsibility while the locals seem to get off scott free for their lack of attention to matters.



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