Saturday, May 12, 2007

Maupin's family meets with President Bush and gets breifing from Penatgon officials

'Maupin parents won't give up' via the Cincinnati Enquirer:
Keith and Carolyn Maupin - parents of Sgt. Matt Maupin, who has been missing in Iraq for three years - went to the Pentagon Thursday for a short meeting with President Bush and a briefing from military officers on efforts to find their son.

The meeting with the president Thursday was the eighth for the Union Township parents since their son, an Army Reservist and Glen Este High School graduate, was captured by Iraqi insurgents in a convoy attack on April 9, 2004.

Keith Maupin said Friday the meeting with the president "went pretty good...

...Keith Maupin said he went to Washington prepared to "raise hell" with Pentagon officials over the lack of progress in the search for his son, but came away feeling better about the Army's effort - particularly after he learned that a new commander had taken over the 134th Task Force, the Army unit charged with the task of finding Maupin.

"We were told that there would be new sets of eyes on the ground looking for Matt; that they'd be using some new methods and more sources among the Iraqi people,'' Keith Maupin. "I liked what I was hearing."

"Hopefully, they realize now that we are not going away,'' Maupin said. "We're in for the duration."
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