Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Deja Vu All Over Again

As the President calls for a declassification of key parts of the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) report, Hugh Hewitt argues that Pelosi-Dean-Reid-Murtha Democrats are falling into a trap of their own making. From The NIE Bait:
Democrats have done it again. They have charged off into a political box canyon, egged on by the brilliant lights at the New York Times and the paper's leaking pals who believe that their reporting on the contents of classified report by unnamed intelligence analysts will persuade American voters of something other than the paper's reckless disregard for anything but its fanatical Bush-hatred agenda. Specifically, Democrats expect Americans to believe that the overthrow of Saddam has made America less safe...

...The Pelosi-Dean-Reid-Murtha Democrats have fully committed their party to waging the November elections on the proposition that retreat from Iraq will make the United States safer, so the idea that the overthrow of Saddam (and his mad-as-hatter-sons-and-successors) made us more vulnerable fits perfectly into their world...

...It is a preposterous argument the left is making and the Democrats are selling, and very favorable ground on which to fight the elections of 2006.

So why do the Democrats fall for this? How can they persuade themselves that the danger of Islamist radicalism increases whenever Islamist radicalism is confronted, or its state sponsors overthrown?

It is the echo chamber.

On Thursday Thomas Edsall gave a candid assessment of the overwhelming left-wing bias in the MSM, an assessment that Newsweek's Jonathan Alter agreed with on yesterday's program.

The mask is fully off: The major newsrooms are just extensions of the radical left, and the news they collectively produce reflects their bias. Not only do these warrens of Deaniacs not report the reality of the war or the political situation, they cannot even see that reality. Thus did Jonathan vigorously defend The New York Times' Bill Keller against the charge that Keller is a lefty. Do large numbers of people not on the left or in the guild really believe that? Of course not. Common sense tells Americans that the New York Times and its leadership are not to be trusted.

But the Democrats do trust the MSMers, and take the New York Times as gospel even as the fever swamp sings the praises of Olbermann et al. Meanwhile the center and the right shake their heads and go off to vote Republican, certain that the empowerment of the lunatic fringe and their world view will mean certain retreat and defeat in the war.
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