Sunday, July 02, 2006

Science Sunday Bonus: Science Online Seminars

American Association for the Advancement of Science announces online seminars:
We're now taking you behind the scenes of Science , presenting the authors of life science research papers in Science Online Seminars -- our compelling new online audio/slideshow feature.

Now Showing on a Computer Near You Every other week, the editors of Science select an author of a breakthrough paper to discuss the application of his or her research and/or the methods and protocol.

You'll meet leading scientists whose cutting-edge papers have made Science the premier scientific journal. You'll hear thought-provoking accounts, supported by variety of visuals, as they describe their work in critical areas of interest to life scientists.

Access Science Online Seminars, 24/7 The show starts whenever and wherever you want to watch it. Just go to Science online from computers everywhere:
Showing now on the site is Examining Natural Selection in Humans:

Stephen S. Schaffner and Pardis C. Sabeti, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard:

Stephen Schaffner and Pardis Sabeti review the approaches for detecting natural selection in humans using genome-wide data surveys, describe results from recent studies examining genome-wide data sets and discuss the prospects and challenges ahead.



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