Thursday, December 29, 2005

BizzyBlog: Victor Davis Hanson Nails the Illegal Immigration Issue

BizzyBlog refers to an excellent, well reasoned WSJ Opinion piece by Victor Davis Hanson on illegal immigration and U.S/Mexico relations.

The following is one of several slam-dunk arguments:

...The allusions to the Berlin Wall made by aggrieved Mexican politicians miss the irony: The communists tried to keep their own people in, not illegal aliens out. More embarrassing still, the comparison boomerangs on Mexico, since it, and not the U.S., most resembles East Germany in alienating its own citizens to the point that they flee at any cost. If anything might be termed stupid, underhanded or xenophobic in the illegal immigration debacle, it is the conduct of the Mexican government.

“Stupid” characterizes a government that sits atop vast mineral and petroleum reserves, enjoys a long coastline, temperate climate, rich agricultural plains — and either cannot or will not make the necessary political and economic reforms to feed and house its own people. The election of Vicente Fox, Nafta and cosmetic changes in banking and jurisprudence have not stopped the corruption or stemmed the exodus of millions of Mexicans...

John Bolton, Ambassador to the U.N., would be a perfect individual to deliver this 'tough-love' message to Mexico because President Bush always wimps out when it comes to illegal immigration with our southern neighbor.


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