Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Pork in Highway Bill weakens us in the War on Terror

The President should veto the Highway bill to show he's serious about pork barrel spending. Porkopolis supports the Club for Growth and its Open Letter to President Bush.

As noted earlier, Pork is the terrorist's friend; diverting resources from those that defend us and legitimate initiatives in the War on Terror.

The elimination of pork barrel politics is just another front on the War on Terror. As the Scottish proverb on the sidebar says, "Willful waste makes woeful want".

Update: Roll out the pork barrel:

Huge as the bill was, it wasn't quite huge enough for Representative Don Young of Alaska, chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. ''It's not as big as what he'd like," a committee spokesman said, ''but is still a very good bill and will play a major role in addressing transportation and highway needs."

One wonders what more Young could have wanted. The bill funnels upward of $941 million to 119 earmarked projects in Alaska, including $223 million for a mile-long bridge linking an island with 50 residents to a town of 8,000. Another $231 million is earmarked for a new bridge in Anchorage, to be named -- this is specified in the legislation -- Don Young's Way. There is $3 million for a film ''about infrastructure that demonstrates advancements in Alaska, the last frontier." The bill even doffs its cap to Young's wife, Lu: The House formally called it ''The Transportation Equity Act -- a Legacy for Users," or TEA-LU.


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