Saturday, June 04, 2005

Candidate Eric Minamyer

Eric Minamyer was the second candidate that responded to Porkopolis' No Pork Pledge. He also participated in a phone interview.


Mr. Minamyer is an individual that has served both his community (as a Symmes Township Trustee) and his country (as Inspector General for the US Navy Command and several tours of duty in the Middle East).

Candidate Minamyer responded to the Porkopolis pledge as follows:

Your spending question is similar to one I answered on the Newsmakers Show, to air Sunday June 5 at 11:00 am.
Pork Barrel [spending] is the leading cause of the budget deficit. We need the Balanced Budget Amendment which I strongly support. In 16 years in office I have balanced all the budgets. The law required it but I would have done it anyway. Congress needs a legal requirement of a balanced budget or they cannot be trusted.

As for reading legislation prior to voting on it, I promise to do so. That is the main function of the job. If you don't do that you're probably only in Congress to feed your ego.

I have the experience and training to understand how the legislation will affect the citizens of the 2nd district.

If you want a forthright and honest Congressman, vote for Eric Minamyer on June 14.
Mr. Minamyer was asked to expand upon his thoughts regarding Pork Barrel spending. He stated that he's against Pork Barrel spending as defined by Porkopolis - i.e, Congressional spending that has not gone through the established budgetary review process and snuck into bills as part of last minute negotiations.

Candidate Minamyer was given an opportunity to further explain his position on Irag. The Cincinnati Enquirer recently reported the following:

Minamyer, a Persian Gulf War veteran who has been deployed five times since Sept. 11, 2001, as a Navy Reserve captain, said during his two-minute introduction that he is convinced the United States needs to "end our involvement in Iraq immediately.

Mr. Minamyer would like Porkopolis readers to know the following:

What I said in Sharonville was that we should immediately begin to prepare to withdraw from Iraq. Unfortunately Mr. Wilkinson only heard the words "immediately" and "withdraw". Having fought in the war on terror in the Middle East I know that we must train the Iraqis first and then withdraw as the primary defense force of iraq. If the Iragis agree to a small forward deployment of a small US force I would support that, but only as an ally and not as an occupying garrison. There are riots and protest throughout the Middle East including among our allies related to our continued occupation. I learned a lessen from Sharonville and that is to be more direct in my speech so I am not taken out of context and made to appear as though I said something I do not believe.

At the end of our conversation, Mr. Minamyer shared that he has been an elected public official for 16 years. He also noted that he was once a Congressional aide to Republican Chuck Whalen, Jr. of Dayton, Ohio. In this capacity, he provided constituent services and was also a political assistant. Mr. Minamyer feels that this gives him an insight into the ways of Congress and, coupled with his other life experiences, makes him the best candidate to represent the 2nd District.

Regardless of the outcome of the Republican primary, our community is all the better for having an individual like Mr. Minamyer who has and continues to serve on behalf of his neighbors and fellow Ohioans. It was an honor to speak with him.


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