Sunday, May 22, 2005

Sin of Omission

A corollary to Journalistic Malpractice is when the major (soon to be minor) media don't cover a story that has information contrary to the one they're collectively promoting; like Social Security personal accounts would be a good thing.

Evidence the non-coverage that 450 economist have publicly endorsed personal accounts.

...More than four hundred-and-fifty of America's top economists, including Nobel laureates Milton Friedman, Robert Lucas, Robert Mundell, Edward Prescott and Vernon Smith, are calling for the nation's troubled Social Security system to be reformed by giving workers the option of shifting all or part of their payroll taxes into privately invested accounts... (Cato Announces Nobel Laureates Backing of Social Security Choice)
Update: For more on media coverage see Biased Accounts Networks Guarantee Liberal View of Social Security and Biased Accounts: Part II: Truth About Social Security Reform Lost in ‘Transition’Networks cite red-herring ‘costs’ of personal accounts without explaining what they mean.

Update: If you've navigated to this post from The Club for Growth, welcome. You may also be interested in Porkopolis' series on Social Security reform available from the sidebar on the main page. Recommended posts in this series include The illogic of reform opponents, Everybody's a Millionaire, Albert Einstein for Private Accounts?, Facts keep getting in the way of scare tactics, Well, isn't that special? and Tremors before the Earthquake.


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