Thursday, June 05, 2008

America: What a country!

Let's see if we have this right...

The IRS made 4.5 billion disclosures of tax return information to federal and state agencies (HT: Instapundit) but roadblocks keeping being put up to keep the Social Security Administration from working with Homeland Security to track down illegal immigrants? (emphasis added):
While US District Court Judge Charles Breyer of the Northern District of California issued a preliminary injunction in October 2007 (AFL-CIO v Chertoff, NDCal, No 3:07-cv-04472-CRB) stopping the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) from implementing its "no-match" regulation, which included mailing or otherwise sending to employers Social Security Administration (SSA) no-match letters that have DHS inserts explaining the regulation, the injunction never precluded the SSA from sending out its traditional no-match letters to employers, which help to improve the accuracy of its wage reporting. However, the SSA has decided that just like Tax Year (TY) 2006, it will not sent no-match letters to employers for TY 2007, said Dorothy Clark, spokesperson for the agency, in a May 7, 2008, interview with CCH.
Yakov Smirnoff had it right...What a Country!


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