Thursday, April 03, 2008

"Forget" is the new euphemism for "Lies"

Via the Associated Press:
Congress Forgets Ban on Pet Projects

WASHINGTON (AP) — Get out the trough, it's feeding time. Congress has decided that an election year with recession written all over it is not the time to be giving up those job-producing "pork" projects bemoaned by both parties' presidential candidates.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has quietly shelved the idea of a one-year moratorium on so-called earmarks, the $18 billion or so in pet projects that lawmakers sent to their home states this year. Senators in both parties have voted to kill the idea.

The California Democrat earlier had signaled her support for the idea of including no legislative earmarks in next year's budget. She pulled back in the face of resistance by Democratic allies and after the Senate turned a thumbs-down by a resounding 71-29 vote in mid-March.

The response to the Senate vote from rank-and-file lawmakers: They sent in so many last-minute earmark requests that a House Appropriations Committee web site seized up and the deadline for requesting pork had to be extended.

Sen. John McCain of Arizona, the presidential candidate who will head the Republican national ticket this fall, and the GOP leader in the House, John Boehner of Ohio, spent the first two months of this year trying to persuade party colleagues to break their addiction to pet projects for at least a year...


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