Friday, January 25, 2008

Pardon The Lack of Angst Over Bill Clinton's Re-Diminishment

Prominent Democrats are concerned that Bill Clinton's attacks on Obama are bellow the "dignity of a former president". Others are noting that "there's something disconcerting, even diminishing, about watching a former president get down and dirty on the campaign trail". And it can't be a good thing when a liberal talk radio host starts venting his ire by using the other L word (as in pants on fire) to descirbe the x-pres. It's oh so...sad.

But we've seen this all before. Slick Willy's kerfuffles are cheapened by the the dozens. Heck, he even squeezed in a final brouhaha on his very last day in office by selling pardons.

This too shall pass once the silly season is over and Bad-Boy-Bubba will be rehoisted on the Democrats' petard of hypocrisy.


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