Monday, December 31, 2007

Can MoveOn.Org just...Move On Now?

The folks that brought us General Betray Us should just do an Emily Littella and just shut-up.

As Michael Barone notes in Lessons To Be Learned From The Surge (HT: BizzyBlog):
...Some of George W. Bush's critics seem to have relished the prospect of American defeat, and some refuse to acknowledge the success that has been achieved. But it appears that they have "misunderestimated" him once again, and have "misunderestimated" the competence of the American military and of free peoples working from the bottom up to transform their societies for the better...
Update: A read-the-whole-thing essay: FORTY SECOND BOYD AND THE BIG PICTURE:
...Yes, the Surge is working. But I believe it is not a surge of boots that is doing the work so much as it is a surge of hope.

And hopeā€¦ well, hope is a dangerous thing. For every day that Iraq returns not only to normal but to free normal is a day remembered. It is a day to which other, darker days may be compared.

Every day of success, every newly opened shop, every school and soccer game free of secret police and each and every night devoid of the terror of arbitrary arrest and execution is something to lose. It is something the murdering bastards of al Qaeda cannot give but can only take away. We have taken their sword from them. They wield it now only against themselves. They will do it, too: more pain and more death are coming, for that is all they know how to do. But hope walks the streets of Baghdad now, hope in the form of decent and brave young men and women who have held a line against all odds and perhaps bought with their courage and their blood the time we need for that hope to spread...


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