Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thoughts on "You can't win an occupation"

Many against the War in Iraq often parrot the phrase "You can't win an occupation" as a rhetorical brick in the foundation of arguments seeking to remove our troops from Iraq. Take for example commenter Albatross at firedoglake (emphasis added):

If it takes a PhD neuroscientist to explain to the Democrats that they need to quickly catch up to the thirty-year lead in propaganda and marketing that the Republicans enjoy, so be it. Anything to get them to stay on message!

I spoke with our Representative Keith Ellison on Sunday last, and begged him in a public forum to cease referring to Iraq as a ‘war’ and persuade his Democratic colleagues to only refer to it as an ‘occupation.’ “The term ‘war’ lends it too much moral authority, and you can’t win an occupation, you can only end one.”

He agreed with me 100% that we need to call Iraq an occupation, and then proceeded to refer to [it] as “the Iraq War” for the rest of the meeting.

Until the importance of precise rhetoric and coordinated communications sinks in, Progressives don’t stand a chance against the multi-billion-dollar conservative propaganda machine that is the U.S. media…
Here's a candidate list of 'military occupations' one can use to retort the "...can't win an occupation" argument. For all practical purposes, these occupations have been 'won':

Feel free to add to this list in the comments.


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