Tuesday, July 10, 2007

James Toranto sees propaganda peddling by the BBC

From Best of the Web Today looks at the Sin of Omission in this BBC report on a recent rally against terroism in Scotland organized by mosques and Islamic groups:
...Accompanying the BBC story is a photo of 9-year-old Mohamed Souidi holding up a sign printed by the Muslim Council of Scotland reading "No to terrorism." There's also a slide show of nine other pictures, including two other MCS signs: "One Scotland, one message, no to terror!" and "Terrorism has no religion." All very anodyne, if ambiguous (that last message in particular strikes us as an evasion of both reality and responsibility).

But the BBC's account is misleading. Blogress "oldpunkette" has photos from the same rally, and they show preprinted signs making excuses for terrorism...

...When journalists do this, what they are producing is propaganda, not news.


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