Saturday, June 30, 2007

Which Politician Will be the First to Offer This Solution to the Looming Social Security Crisis?

One of the key provisions of the Immigration Bill that failed this week in the Senate was the granting of legal status to illegal immigrants; a lazy, uninspired and unpatriotic policy that would simiply deal with the problem by legislating a change to the illegals' classification...illegal one you're legal.

With that in mind, how long will it be before we see a 'politically courageous' politician offer up a solution to the encroaching Social Security funding crisis? An 'out-of-the-psychiatric-isolation-box' solution like:

One-third of people who get Social Security already have to pay income taxes on their benefits. Let's just legislate that All Social Security beneficiaries are now 'Rich' and thus subject to the income tax. Poof...problem solved. While we're at it, let's tax all income while keeping benefits at their current level....Poof again.

Those policies will proide the smoke...mirrors to follow.




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