Sunday, March 25, 2007

Eye on the State of Ohio Budget

Via Eye on the Statehouse:
...The [State of Ohio] budget holds spending for education together with spending on wasteful corporate welfare. It holds spending on property tax relief together with spending on state bureaucracies such the cosmetology board and the state geologist.

When the good is packaged in with the bad, an Ohio legislator who wants to vote “yes” on spending on education or for property tax relief is also forced into voting “yes” for gifts to business, or to maintain meaningless bureaucracies, or on virtually every other spending program lacking the political support to survive a clean up or down vote on its own.

In Ohio, wasteful and unneeded pork barrel spending thrives when it is shielded by such entrenched logrolling. If a spending measure can’t win a vote on its own but has to be packaged with the fundamental programs of government such as education or public safety, perhaps this is a sign that it isn’t a good use of tax dollars.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

The federal budget moves through Congress in the form of some thirteen bills each requiring their own vote to be adopted...


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