Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Times Watch: Top Ten Lowlights of The New York Times in 2006

Top Ten Lowlights of The New York Times in 2006:

    • #10 Spinning Kerry's "Botched Joke"
    • #9 Coddling Illegal Immigrants and the Liberals Who Love Them
    • #8 Howell Raines Rants Against Fox News
    • #7 "Racism" Against Democrat Harold Ford Jr.
    • #6 Linda Greenhouse's Liberal Harvard Admission
    • #5 Respectful Hearing Granted to "Bush Caused 9-11" Nuts
    • #4 Putting the Blame on Israel
    • #3 Mohammad Cartoon Hypocrisy
    • #2 Publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr's. Left-Wing Graduation Rant
    • #1 The Times Cripples Another Terrorist Surveillance Programs


Blogger BizzyBlog said...

It's pretty bad when you have to admit that their "it's all Bush's fault" rants after the Sago Mine disaster, despite fallng death and injury rates from coal mining the during the previous 4 years, deserved NOT to make the list, because the other 10 really ARE worse.

January 4, 2007 at 11:55 AM  

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