Monday, October 02, 2006

NYT Profiles a Porkmeister: Congressman John Murtha

From: Trading Votes for Pork Across the House Aisle

...Outside Washington, Mr. Murtha, a Vietnam veteran and longtime hawk, may be best known for his break with the president over the Iraq war last fall. But inside the Capitol, he is best known for turning earmarks into power. As the top Democrat on the House military spending subcommittee, he often delivers Democratic votes to Republican leaders in a tacit exchange for earmarks for himself and his allies....

Captain Quarter's summarizes it well:
...The New York Times profile provides a clear look at the power and corruption that earmarks create on Capitol Hill. John Murtha should represent his own district in Congress, but thanks to his ability to appropriate funds, he controls large blocks of votes on all legislation. He uses the power of pork to play kingmaker. It's hard to see a better example of how pork corrupts the political system.
Update: The American Spectator has the FBI tape of John Murtha when he was involved in the Abscam investigation.


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