Friday, April 21, 2006

WKRC: Butler County Sheriff Launches Boycott Over Illegal Immigrants

Following on the heels of the ICE illegal immigrant raids at IFCO Systems WKRC is reporting that Butler Country Sheriff Richard Jones (see his blog) is advocating boycotts of local companies that hire illegals:


Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones Friday will launch a boycott of companies he says hire illegal immigrants.

The sheriff also tells Local 12 he is winning a fight with Washington, and now the feds will help pay the cost of keeping illegal immigrants in the county jail.

The sheriff's office says it spent more than $23,000 jailing 30 undocumented prisoners in December.

The federal government announced Thursday it plans to crack down on companies that hire illegal immigrants.

Officials say companies will be hit with criminal charges, instead of fines that amount to a slap on the wrist.

A raid at IFCO in Evendale Wednesday is part of that initiative. Of 23 illegal aliens who were arrested, five are still in custody. The others were ordered to appear before an immigration judge.

Other IFCO facilities across the country were also raided. A total of seven former and current managers now face charges.


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