Wednesday, November 16, 2005

U.S. Wind Power Grows at Record Pace in 2005

November 09, 2005
U.S. Wind Power Grows at Record Pace in 2005

The U.S. wind power industry will set new growth records this year, according to the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA). The trade group's latest projections, released on November 3rd, anticipate the installation of 2,500 megawatts of new wind power capacity this year, a record growth of more than 35 percent. AWEA's list of wind projects to be completed this year includes projects in 25 states. According to AWEA, the total U.S. wind power capacity will exceed 9,200 megawatts by the end of this year and should displace more than a half billion cubic feet of natural gas per day in 2006, or about 5 percent of the natural gas used for power production. See the AWEA press release and the full list of projects...

Related: General Electric is a big player in this market:

GE is one of the world's leading wind turbine suppliers. With over 7,000 worldwide wind turbine installations comprising more than 5,600 MW of capacity...


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