Saturday, October 08, 2005

Nixguy: Who Control's the Internet?

BizzyBlog is concerned about who ultimately controls the Internet. Nixguy follows up with an excellently researched post. (Great job Nixguy!)

Here's a Porkopolis prediction on the future of this matter:

The Internet is the world's nervous system and as such will be nutured and maintained by the free market even if the European Union (EU) and its cohorts try to 'rest control' from the Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

A parrallel Internet may come out of the EU's efforts; the EUI. An internet bridge will exist between the original Internet and the EUI. Because of historical momentum, people/companies will continue to use the original Internet trusting that it is monitored and maintained by the same entity, the United States, that maintains the security for the world as a whole.

The EUI will eventually become a vestigial system when companies find that it costs them extra to maintain two parallel systems; two email addresses, two URLs, etc.

Then again, the two systems might coexist much like the metric and english system of measurments continue to coexist.

The free market will more than likely work this out much like it worked out allowing England to control Greenwich Mean Time.

Update: EU says internet could fall apart


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