Sunday, October 30, 2005

Maureen Dowd's Social Myopia

Maureen Dowd's angst-full essay 'What's a Modern Girl to Do? ' echoes a myopic view of men and women found in Cincinnati Enquirer staff reporter Krista Ramsey's 'Who are these women?'.

Expanding on the hopes shared in 'Looking forward to the day when...' , Porkoplis is optimistic and looks forward to the day when:
  • Essays and reporting like that of Mses. Dowd and Ramsey are just a curiosity of our past.
  • Our 'popular culture' reinforces the notion that the whole, represented in a loving marriage between a man and woman, is greater the the sum of its individual parts.
  • That same 'popular culture' seeks the 'fulfillment' both Dowd and Ramsey distress over in a commitment to family, rearing of the next generation and community.


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