Monday, September 19, 2005

Citizens Against Waste 2005 Ohio Piglet Book

The Buckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions and Citizens Against Government Waste 2005 Piglet Book (pdf):

The Ohio Piglet Book is the synthesis of the Buckeye Institute’s expertise with the Ohio state budget and an amalgamation of the Congressional Pig Book and Prime Cuts. While an earmark for a parochial project may evoke both cackles and the ire of taxpayers, an equally important task is pointing out the agencies and programs that exist which provide wasteful and duplicative services year in and year out. It is our aim here to expose both forms of waste in a single, comprehensive compilation...

...The 2005 Ohio Piglet points out that nearly $3.5 billion that could be saved if the state were to eliminate wasteful and/or unnecessary spending.
Hat Tip: Adventures in Reality


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