Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Devil's advocate

New York State Assemblyman Willis Stephens might have a point ...

A New York state lawmaker says he’s embarrassed, after he mistakenly sent out an e-mail message that referred to his constituents as “idiots.”

Assemblyman Willis Stephens says he thought he was sending the e-mail to an aide. Instead, he sent the note to nearly 300 people on an online discussion group that focuses on the community of Brewster.

The message included the comment that he was “just watching the idiots pontificate.”

Within an hour of sending the message Monday morning, Stephens sent another e-mail apologizing for the slip-up.
...if one considers some recent developments like this, this, this and this.

As you review the above, ponder the following quotes on democracy:

Frustrating and irrational as it may sometimes appear to be, Churchill had it about right.


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