Friday, May 27, 2005

Snowmobile trail, car museum among goodies in Highway Bill

From USA Today's 'Pork barrel' projects: A battle of will, wallet:

The House's $284 billion highway bill includes more than 4,000 specific projects. Among those criticized by Taxpayers for Common Sense:

$223 million for a bridge joining the island of Gravina (pop. 50) to the community of Ketchikan (pop. 8,000) in Alaska

$3 million to renovate and expand the National Packard Museum and adjacent facilities in Warren, Ohio

$7 .3 million for a four-season recreation trail in Vermont sought by snowmobilers

$1 million for a transportation museum on the Navy Pier in Chicago

$1.5 million for improvements at the Blue Ridge Music Center in Virginia

$6.25 million for graffiti elimination in Queens and Brooklyn, New York

$2.9 million for landscaping along the Ronald Reagan Freeway in Simi Valley, Calif.


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